About Our Company

TVBot is democratizing quant trading and making it available to everyone.

What is Quant Trading


Quant Trading is using simple or complex algorithms or programs to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities.

Why is Quant Trading taking over the markets


Quant trading is effective because you’re able to quantify your performance quickly and accurately. The old way of trading would be to keep a trading journal and record all your statistics with your current system.

Back testing was also very difficult to execute. You would need to manually check your system on every change you made which is labor intensive and time consuming. With Quant Trading you can iterate your system quickly and efficiently, drastically improving your profit in a small amount of time.

More than 80% of Markets are now controlled by institution owned quant systems and traded by algorithms. We want to bring that tool to retail traders and what better way to do that is by offering the platform for free to our users.

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